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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Use the OBi Device with Your Gmail Account to Call the USA from Anywhere in the World for 1¢ per Minute (or less)

When you use an OBi outside the USA, the Gmail Call phone feature can be used with your OBi device to make calls to the USA & Canada for only ONE CENT PER MINUTE!  Gmail Call phone is available in 38 languages and can complete calls to over 150 destinations. Click here for more.

What's more, calls to any other country receive Google's amazingly great rates like 2¢/min to China and India - All from the convenience and comfort of your regular home phone. Unlike Skype, there is no connection fee and with the OBi, your regular phone, and Internet router, NO COMPUTER is REQUIRED!

It's simple to perform the 1-time set-up of an OBi device to make calls using your Gmail account.
Here is what you do...
  • Get a Gmail account
  • Sign-in to Gmail & make a call using the Call phone feature within the Gmail window.
  • Here is where you can also add credit to your Google account.
  • Get an OBiTALK account.
  • Sign-in to OBiTALK, then Add your OBi device and finally...
  • Add your Gmail username and password in the OBiTALK Google Voice set-up.

That's it!  Now, whenever you want to make really cheap calls to anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are in the world, you can use your Gmail account and an OBi to do it. There is no need to get a full-fledged Google Voice account with a phone number - you cannot do this anyway if you are outside the USA.  But that doesn't affect your ability to use your Gmail account and an OBi device to make calls abroad on the cheap!

The Gmail Call phone feature is not available when the user's Gmail account is in certain countries including India and China.  Click Here for the current list of all countries where Gmail Call phone is not available.