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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Google Voice and Obihai Update

Obihai has great news for everyone using Google Voice!

Google Voice is now Officially Supported on OBi VoIP devices.
Obihai is excited to announce official support for Google Voice. With a Google Voice account and a companion OBi device you can make and receive VoIP calls on a regular telephone. To get started, just login to the OBiTALK website, add your OBi device and select Google Voice as your service. You’ll then confirm your account with Google, and within minutes, you will be making and receiving calls from the comfort and convenience of your home phone. “With a Google Voice account configured on an OBi device, users will not only get all the great collaboration tools and app integration with Google Voice, they will also be able to enjoy many premium calling features, free calling within the U.S. and Canada and super-low cost international calling – all from the comfort of their home phone," said Jan Fandrianto, President and CEO of Obihai.

OBi Devices Make a Great Companion for Google Voice 
• Place and Receive Calls with Your Google Voice Number on Regular Phones
 Call Internationally at Low Rates to Over 150 Destinations.
• Premium Features Included for Free Like Voicemail, Call Waiting, Telemarketer Blocking, Caller ID 
You can now enjoy all the benefits of Google Voice on your OBi device, including features like personalized greetings, call blocking, SMS to email, and voicemail transcription. OBi users can also take advantage of Google Voice’s low calling rates. Today, calling the U.S. is free from the U.S. & Canada and 1¢ per minute from everywhere else. International calling rates are also really low, with per minute rates starting at 1¢ to Beijing, Bangalore, Mexico, Brazil and 150 other destinations – with no connection charge.* What's more, OBi users get premium features like Caller ID, telemarketer (spam) call blocking, call waiting, 3-way calling, and voicemail that acts like email – including voice message alerts by text and email with speech to text transcription.

The OBi device is a phone adapter which allows anyone to make and receive calls with a regular cordless or corded 'house' phone.  Calling can be done by dialing a regular phone number. Receiving calls is easy.  When someone dials your Google Voice number, the phone connected to your OBi device will ring.  The OBi phone will ring if the user’s Google Voice number is called or if the user’s Google ID is called via Hangouts or Gmail.  Also, since Google Voice does not support 911 calling, for a small fee, the OBi device may be set-up with a dedicated E911 VoIP service.

*Rates subject to change by Google.
For current rates please visit this website: Google Voice: Calling Rates