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Friday, July 1, 2011

Transform the Way You Communicate with OBi

Obihai is here to make it more convenient for you to communicate, share and save money – a lot of money – on mobile and land line (or VoIP) phone calls.  Additionally, by using OBi VoIP endpoints to make calls and bridge services, we aim to open up a new world of communication possibilities with applications on smart phones and tablets as well as in "The Cloud" e.g.  Ultimately, the Internet becomes the communication fabric with which OBi users can save BIG while optimizing how they connect to friends, loved ones, business colleagues and customers.

Obihai Key Objectives:
1.  Help you save money on phone calls.
2.  Make VoIP calling more convenient – and less complicated.
3.  Support customers quickly and in the way they want to be helped.

With an OBi device, you can to control how you make calls.  You may also allow others to use voice services to which you subscribe — In essence, you are your very own phone company.  Our main aim is to show every person who uses a phone - mobile or land line, and telecom services - circuit or packet, the value in Obihai such that our VoIP products and services become a crucial "add-on" to any communication service subscription.

OBi Products:
OBi100 — The OBi100 has one phone port. It supports Google Voice, SIP & OBiTALK VoIP services. Use the OBi100 when you do not need an analog line to a traditional telephone network or service. The OBi100 is perfect for customers who want the savings and simplicity of using a VoIP service for all of their calls.

OBi110 — The OBi110 has one phone port and one line port. It supports Google Voice, SIP & OBiTALK VoIP services. Use the OBi110 when you need an analog line connection to a traditional telephone network or service. Think of the OBi110 LINE port as a gateway to a traditional phone service.

OBiON iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android — A free application for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices which makes possible placing and receiving calls to/from other OBi endpoints.

OBiAPP for PCs — A free application for a PC that facilitates placing and receiving calls to and from other OBi endpoints. Use it in conjunction with a SIP compliant soft phone installed on your PC. This free application can be downloaded from the OBiTALK portal.