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Monday, September 21, 2015

Automated Set-up of BYOD Business VoIP Services with Your OBi1000 Series IP Phones

As you know, can be used to configure one or several OBi devices with popular VoIP services as well as assist in the remote management of OBi devices from anywhere, with ease and security.

Now, when you sign-in to OBiTALK, you will be able to configure RingCentral or Nextiva BYOD services using the OBiTALK portal as the conduit for the set-up of not only basic SIP registration but also for more advanced functions like assigning extension monitoring / Busy Lamp Field. Just click on the Approved Service Providers for Business link in the OBiTALK portal (Requires Sign-in).

What's more, by using the OBiTALK portal's Approved Service Providers for Business services configuration wizards, you can keep intact other VoIP services which are registered from the same OBi IP phone device.

For several months, we have been testing this functionality with small businesses and VoIP telephony Value Added Resellers. It is proving to be a useful tool that enables greater choice and flexibility in how voice services can be used on an OBi device for business as well as giving resellers a way to provide full-featured managed services that clients expect with easy management, and without the cost of a truck-roll or use of expensive CPE.

Many thousands of OBiTALK managed OBi VoIP universal phone adapters (ATAs) have been serving RingCentral and Nextiva customers with great voice quality and reliable faxing.

Now, with this new capability, OBiTALK provides owners of unlocked OBi1000 series IP phones the ability to easily configure popular VoIP services and included business calling features. Nextiva and RingCentral are the first services to be supported with OBiTALK Business Service Set-Up automatic configuration. ..To request the addition of your favorite business VoIP service please send email to: