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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Protect Your OBi VoIP Device from Lightning

According to the National Weather Service, in the United States, there are approximately 25 million lightning strikes detected each year.  The electric 'shock' produced by a single lightning strike can not only travel great distances, via a variety of mediums, but it can destroy telephone and electronic devices beyond repair.  Unfortunately, like all telecom equipment, the OBi VoIP phone adapter is not immune to the affects of the potentially massive voltage surge and associated atmospheric electrostatic discharge produced by lightning.

USA Lightning Strikes on August 1, 2012

What to Do?

Here are things you can do to protect your OBi device and any other telecom equipment in your home or business, from becoming a victim of lightning induced electrostatic discharge.

Option 1.  When there is weather in the area where lightning is present disconnect the phone cable from the phone port(s) of the OBi device and disconnect the device from the power outlet.

Option 2.  Purchase a combo power-strip and surge-protector that has protection for telephone equipment. This can also be useful if you live in an area prone to electric-power surges. An example of this type of surge protector can be found here: Click Here.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions that accompany the power-strip and surge-protector.

For more information, see this article on connecting telephone equipment to a surge protector. Click Here.