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Monday, August 6, 2012

Make and Receive Calls Using Your Cell Phone's Service with OBiBT

Use OBiBT to Make and Receive Calls on the OBi202 Via a Mobile Phone Service

The Obihai OBiBT Bluetooth® Wireless Adapter allows a USB equipped OBi device like the OBi202 to pair with a mobile phone so you can place calls and answer calls using your standard home cordless and corded phones connected to the OBi. The OBiBT works with most mobile phones using Bluetooth wireless technology. After the initial pairing between the mobile phone and the OBiBT has been set-up, when your mobile phone is in 'Bluetooth range" of the OBiBT, it will connect to your mobile phone automatically.

OBiBT Requirements:
- OBi202 VoIP Adapter with USB Port
- Mobile Phone with Bluetooth Audio Pairing Capability
- Regular Analog / Digital Corded or Cordless Phone

Key Features of OBiBT

  • Use Your Regular Telephones to Make and Receive Calls via Your Mobile Phone's Cellular Service
  • When Someone Calls Your Cell Phone Number the Phones Connected to the OBi Device Ring
  • Cell Phone Dead Spots? Keep Your OBi Device & Mobile Where Cell Reception is Best!
  • Automatically or Manually Route Calls from Standard Phones to the Mobile Service
  • Bridge Calls from VoIP to a Mobile Service Using the OBi Attendant

Simple Set-Up

  • Connect the OBiBT to your OBi202 device's USB port.
  • Dial *28 from the regular phone attached to the OBi202's phone port.
  • You have 2 minutes after dialing *28 to pair the OBiBT adapter with your mobile phone.
  • To do this, open the Bluetooth network settings menu of your mobile phone. You will see the"OBi" device listed. Select "OBi" to pair the OBiBT to you mobile phone.
  • If prompted to enter a passcode on the mobile phone, enter: 0000
  • Your mobile phone connects to the OBiBT using its Bluetooth pairing feature.
  • Once paired to the OBiBT, your mobile phone is automatically connected to the OBi when it is in range.

Making Calls with OBiBT

  • Make calls with the regular telephones connected to your OBi202 device.
  • If the OBi BT is set as the Primary Line to Call Out, just dial normally.
  • The OBi makes the call using the Your mobile phone's service
  • If you have a VoIP service on the OBi device set to be the Primary Line to Call Out, you can dial **8 and the destination phone number to route the call to your mobile phone's service
  • When a call is being made using OBiBT, the caller will hear three short beeps, confirming the call is being made via the service on the mobile phone.

Receiving Calls with OBiBT

  • You may answer calls to your mobile phone on any phone connected to the OBi.
  • Incoming calls to your mobile phone number will ring all your home telephones connected to the OBi device.
  • Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your home handsets while using your mobile phone service plan.
  • Your VoIP service lines continue to work normally.

Pricing and Availability

  • The OBiBT Bluetooth Adapter is available from for $25.00 with free shipping.
  • CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon product page for OBiBT
  • Questions? Please contact Obihai sales at:

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